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Using AI to Improve Financial Health eBook

This eBook explores new financial wellness tools that financial institutions can provide to their customers that are not only desirable, but necessary given consumer expectations.

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Recent research shows that consumers are under increased financial stress and are looking for guidance in making better financial decisions. In this complimentary eBook, you’ll see how financial wellness tools have evolved to offer consumers the actionable guidance they need. Unlike personal financial management tools of the past, new-generation tools combine artificial intelligence (AI) with vast datasets to provide predictions about the future and deliver results in a consumer-friendly fashion.

Download the complimentary eBook from Envestnet | Yodlee® and American Banker and learn how you can leverage these smart tools to better connect with your customers. Explore cutting-edge market research into current consumer expectations about finances and how they can be met with AI-driven technology. Find out how financial wellness tools can equip financially stressed Americans to achieve the financial health that has so far eluded them.

Read to discover:

  • How to use AI to deliver financial wellness
  • Two American Banker feature articles on financial wellness and the future role of banks
  • New findings from Aite Group research about consumer needs
  • A roadmap for helping financially stressed consumers achieve financial health
  • Best practices for driving the fintech digital revolution