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On-Demand Webinar: Leveraging Open Banking To Gain A Holistic View of Your Clients Finances

The financial landscape is rapidly evolving as more consumers seek to diversify their investment portfolios to reach long-term financial goals.

Yet many consumers don’t even have a clear view of their current investments, especially as the average consumer changes jobs 11 times (in the UK) and has multiple pension pots. This can make it challenging for financial advisors who require a true, holistic view of their clients’ finances in order to provide the most strategic financial advice.

In our free webinar, an exclusive line-up of guest speakers will discuss these challenges and share their views on open banking – the key to empowering financial advisors with a complete picture of their clients’ finances.

We’ll explore how open banking and open finance provide timely, secure, and direct access to banking, investment accounts, and pension data to help you identify and support your clients’ unique financial needs.

Watch the on-demand for a discussion about:

  • The current financial landscape and investing trends
  • How to gain direct and secure access to various payment accounts
  • Open banking and open finance opportunities
  • Ways to manage workplace pension savings
  • How to meet open banking requirements


  • Jason O’Shaughnessy Head of International Markets, Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Scott Philips Founder, The Pension Lab
  • Ian McKenna Founder, FTRC