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Upcoming Webinar: Transforming Bank Transaction Data into Personalized Customer Insights

Are you working harder than your bank data is? Activate your transaction data to deliver smarter insights and proactive next-best actions - so you can be more productive, more connected to your customers, and more efficiently growing your book of business. Join our webinar to see how to shift into overdrive and unlock the full potential of your transaction data. We’ll highlight data intelligence strategies and tools that help deliver predictable revenue in an unpredictable market and improve productivity and results.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  • Get more juice from your transaction data to help your analysts be more productive and customers more connected
  • Fill data gaps for fuller customer financial profiles and help facilitate more successful outcomes
  • Know your “primacy” score compared to peers, and unlock revenue opportunities through data and analytics
  • Identify high incomes and high spenders and increase relevance through targeted financial wellness strategies
  • Get more time back, serve more customers, attract prospects, and be more successful

The key to all this is data and insights. We’ll show you how to activate data, elevate your book of business, and engage more customers while giving you the digital tools you need to succeed.

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