Upcoming Webinar: Driving Success in the New World of Open Banking

January 13, 2020 Rachel Buckley

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Feb. 11, 2020 | 2 PM ET/11 AM PT
Hosted by American Banker

Around the world, banks are opening up their customers’ financial data (with the customers’ consent) to third party Fintech applications through APIs. This new open banking trend has the potential to expand financial institution portfolios, ease the development and delivery of innovative new Fintech products, and increase consumers’ choices and control over their data.

Whether these open banking initiatives are driven through regulatory change, like EU and Australia, or market-driven factors, like the U.S., effectively capitalizing on open banking through meaningful implementation strategies can help banks buck some of the challenges faced by this new initiative.

Join our webinar to discuss current consumer perceptions of open banking, including the opportunities and roadblocks for consumer adoption. See how banks can successfully collaborate with their Fintech counterparts to overcome adoption roadblocks, recognize the benefits and commercialize on the opportunities of open banking.

Attend our webinar to discover:

  • Aite survey results that reveal how consumers perceive open banking

  • What’s needed to gain consumer buy-in for open banking to take hold

  • How banks are currently approaching open banking

  • How to use APIs to enable a service-oriented, open banking architecture

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