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On-Demand Webinar: Cryptography 101 - The Science Behind the Secrets

The original purpose of cryptography was simply to ensure the confidentiality of messages passed from one point to another. Since its humble beginnings, cryptography has evolved way beyond maintaining confidentiality. Today, the best crypto tools ensure confidentiality – and they also protect data integrity, authenticate senders and messages, and provide non-repudiation so messages can’t be denied.

To learn more about how cryptography works to keep messages, senders, and receivers secure, watch our on-demand webinar. We’ll cover the terminology and capabilities of current crypto products for developers and non-developers alike. Plus you’ll get a close look at the individual tools that power cryptography, like encryption algorithms, hashing, message authentication codes, and digital signatures. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The terminology and capabilities of modern cryptography products

  • When to use public key cryptography, and when not to

  • How encrypting algorithms, hashing tools, message authentication codes, and digital signatures all work together

  • How digital signatures are used to ensure messages have come from the intended sender
  • How cryptographic techniques are used to secure financial data to bank-level standards of privacy and confidentiality