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  • Developer Experience

    Developer Experience

    Build and deliver hyper-personalized apps with the most comprehensive site coverage and accurate financial data, intelligent APIs, and developer-friendly tools and pricing.

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  • The Platform for Financial Innovation

    The Platform for Financial Innovation

    The Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data Platform provides the best and most comprehensive financial data across retail banking, credit, and wealth management. management.

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  • Financial Insights API

    Financial Insights API

    The Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Insights API enables financial institutions or FinTech developers to easily build hyper-personalized financial apps.

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  • Insights Solutions: Personalized Views

    Insights Solutions: Personalized Views

    With Envestnet | Yodlee Personalized Views, you can create a compelling, hyper-personalized digital experience empowering consumers’ day-to-day financial management.

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  • Insights Solutions: Peer Benchmarking

    Insights Solutions: Peer Benchmarking

    Envestnet | Yodlee Peer Benchmarking can provide much-needed context and clarity for consumers and financial advisors.

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  • Insights Solutions: Insights Library

    Insights Solutions: Insights Library

    Uncover financial insights around consumer spending, savings, budgeting, income, subscriptions, and more with the Envestnet | Yodlee Insights Library.

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  • Goalkeeper Micro-Savings and Insights Solutions

    Goalkeeper Micro-Savings and Insights Solutions

    Retain and grow your deposits while enabling consumers to set and achieve savings goals with automated, goals-based saving technology.

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  • AI FinCheck

    AI FinCheck

    The AI FinCheck FinApp is an AI-driven financial wellness assistant that dynamically monitors financial health and provides actionable guidance.

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  • Conversational AI

    Conversational AI

    Using natural language processing specifically tailored to FSPs, Envestnet | Yodlee Conversational AI enables FSPs to connect directly with consumers across all major conversational ecosystems.

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  • Conversational AI Platform

    Conversational AI Platform

    Conversate™ is’s artificial intelligence platform that gives financial institutions the power to build, launch, and support their conversational banking roadmap.

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  • Conversational AI Virtual Financial Assistant

    Conversational AI Virtual Financial Assistant’s proprietary AI-driven conversational technology empowers financial institutions to create meaningful differentiation in the market through simple and engaging conversational experiences.

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  • OK to Spend

    OK to Spend

    The Envestnet | Yodlee OK to Spend FinApp and fully RESTful API empowers consumers to spend wisely and attain financial wellness.

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  • Account Verification API

    Account Verification API

    Get access to key details from bank accounts in Internet time to provide a killer UX experience while reducing risk of fraud and NSF or non-payment.

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  • Account Aggregation API

    Account Aggregation API

    Get user-permissioned, secure access to financial account and transactional data from users’ checking, savings, investments, loans, rewards, and other financial accounts for disruptive digital apps.

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  • Financial Wellness Solutions for Financial Institutions

    Financial Wellness Solutions for Financial Institutions

    Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Wellness Solutions for Financial Institutions is comprised of the FinApp series and APIs that go far beyond just organizing historical financial data.

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  • FastLink for Data Aggregation

    FastLink for Data Aggregation

    Envestnet | Yodlee FastLink for Aggregation is a unique, patented technology that leverages Envestnet | Yodlee’s experience aggregating consumer financial data for the largest financial providers.

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  • Transaction Data Enrichment

    Transaction Data Enrichment

    Envestnet | Yodlee Transaction Data Enrichment is a part of our Financial Cloud Platform. Yodlee Transaction Data Enrichment automatically scans raw, unsorted credit card and transaction data.

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  • Account Verification

    Account Verification

    Envestnet | Yodlee Account Verification provides a safe, secure, and fast way for companies to bring consumers on board quickly and efficiently.

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  • Wealth Management Solutions

    Wealth Management Solutions

    Envestnet | Yodlee Wealth Management is a suite of tools and enhanced wealth data that transforms how financial institutions interact with self-directed investors.

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  • Wealth Management Solutions: Investment Data Enrichment

    Wealth Management Solutions: Investment Data Enrichment

    Turns incorrect, confusing, and incomplete investor holdings and transaction input into clear, descriptive, and enriched investment data output.

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