Upcoming Webinar: Creating Financial Wellness with Personalized Insights

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While traditional banking and financial applications have focused on basic spending and budgeting tools, today’s more advanced financial wellness solutions are driven by analytics and actionable insights. Applying personalized insights to your apps and digital experiences can be a difficult task – but our Predictive Insights API makes it simple. Join our webinar to see how you can create more meaningful financial experiences for your customers.

In this informational session, we’ll demo how our newest API creates predictive algorithms from aggregated transaction data to generate relevant and actionable insights. You’ll discover how you can use these insights to create apps and experiences that give customers a better handle on their unique financial situations. More than just educating your users, you’ll be able to empower them to make specific changes that inspire financial wellness.

Join our webinar to:

• Deliver personalized insights that drive users to improve their financial health

• See how our API creates predictive algorithms from aggregated transaction data to generate insights

• Use insights to power more personalized apps and solutions

• Create a more engaging and empowering digital user experience

• Pre-configure insights or let users create their own based on their goals and pain-points

• Enable users to benchmark their financial behavior against peers

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