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Upcoming Webinar: Streamlining Lending and Helping Prevent Fraud with Alternative Data

Lenders today are under pressure to make timely and efficient lending decisions while managing risk. One way to help lenders deliver this is with consumer-permissioned alternative data. By offering up-to-date insights that go beyond the surface, alternative data can paint a clearer picture of creditworthiness rooted in genuine behavioral patterns to enable a more holistic view of income verification and cash flow underwriting.

Join our webinar to see how you can use alternative data to:

  • Quickly verify numerous sources of income and help combat income reporting fraud

  • Power second-look portfolio with more holistic view of ability to pay

  • See recent deposits at present and up to 365 days of historical data

  • Gain an up-to-date view of consumers’ assets, liabilities, and expenses

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