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FinTech Rising: Creating Synergy in Financial Services

Digital technologies and mobile apps engage more customers in finance, banking, and payments.

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As financial technologies evolve, financial Institutions are collaborating with fintech companies to expand service offerings and to gather and utilize data for more effective, targeted marketing. By combining the regulatory strengths and market reach of financial institutions with the flexibility and innovation of fintech companies, collaboration is taking financial institutions and fintech firms to new places that are defining the digital era. To learn more, download the eBook.

What's inside the eBook? Read to Discover:

  • How collaboration between financial institutions and fintech firms is powering the fintech revolution
  • Three ways for financial institutions to incorporate fintech into their operations
  • The challenges and opportunities of regulation
  • Strategies for keeping up with cryptocurrency and emerging technologies
  • How the Envestnet | Yodlee Platform API enables fintech firms and financial institutions to collaborate