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Jose Tagunicar of Stratyfy on AI in Lending

Our guest for this episode is Jose Tagunicar, Product Strategy, Analytics, and Risk Management at Stratyfy. Jose was previously with FICO and Equifax. We talk about the latest takeaways from the FICO World 2024 gathering in San Diego and how AI is being planned for and applied, particularly in the credit and lending space of finserv. Topics covered include:

  • Why do smaller lenders tend to struggle against the big banks?
  • Striking the right balance between tech/algorithms and human judgment in lending.
  • Personalization and hyper-personalization in lending.
  • What is a healthy approach to risk aversion?
  • The benefits of accelerated evaluation.
  • What AI can and cannot do in lending.
  • How to ensure the data being used to make lending decisions is sound.
  • What it takes for alternative forms of credit to be competitive.
  • Transparency = table stakes.
  • Top takeaways from FICO World 2024.

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