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Building the Bank Data and Tech Toolkit

An Accenture report1 details that by taking steps to build more meaningful personal relationships, U.S. banks could boost revenue from primary customers by up to 22%. In the U.S., this translates to $100 billion in annual retail banking revenue at stake. But what are the connection points to get there?

This panel led by Jim Marous, a top 5 retail bank influencer, and Envestnet Data & Analytics subject matter experts Eric Jamison and Om Deshmukh, reveals how banking-as-a-service, data aggregation, business intelligence, data science (including AI and Machine Learning) on a single, configurable platform can pave the way to greater personalization and more successful customer outcomes.

To get more lift from your primary bank customers, watch this webinar.

Key Takeaways You’ll Learn:

  • If the future is AI, data is the foundation on which it lies.2
  • There is a 123-point difference in NPS between respondents who strongly agree that their bank interacts based on knowing who they are and those who strongly disagree.3
  • Activating the multiplier effect, banks can increase revenues by upwards of 22% – $400 per customer per year. That translates to around $100B in retail revenue banking that is up for grabs.1

1Source: Accenture Research Banking Revenue Model, Accenture Global Banking Consumer Study, Accenture Research Analysis
3Source: Bain Retail Banking NPS Survey, powered by Dynata, 2022