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On-Demand Webinar: The Business Case For Data Aggregation

ROI matters. But how do you quantify if your data aggregation approach delivers revenue growth and operational efficiency?

That's why Envestnet commissioned Forrester Consulting, an independent research firm, to investigate the total economic impact of Envestnet Data Aggregation, assessing the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the investment. Leveraging Forrester's proprietary, risk-adjusted methodology, Forrester created a composite organization based on interviews with four Envestnet Data Aggregation clients representing financial institutions, banks, wealth management and technology.

The key findings? Using Envestnet Data Aggregation yielded a 416% ROI over three years, 20% annual growth, and payback of the investment within six months. The study also showed quantifiable benefits including:

  • Increased affiliate and reseller revenue opportunities
  • Increased customer and asset retention
  • Increased wallet share
  • Increased wealth management account conversion
  • Decreased wealth onboarding costs

Watch on-demand as the experts provide a deeper dive into Forrester's findings and discover how Envestnet Data Aggregation can help improve ROI for your firm.