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On-Demand Webinar: Moving Down the PNL - Navigating Consumer Spending and Wage Inflation Using Complementary Payroll Data

Rising inflation, labor shortages, and concerns over consumer spending growth are critical factors impacting both business decision-makers and investors in 2022. Watch our on-demand webinar from March 30th with Battlefin where we demonstrated how to stay on top of – and even ahead of – these trends with payroll and spending data analytics. We highlighted how payroll data can be used to enhance insights from traditional spend data to better understand cost pressures and operating leverage.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn different use cases such as:  

  • Analyzing spend data to provide actionable insights on company results in a dynamic market environment
  • Using payroll analytics as an overlay to spend data to monitor changes in employment and identify potential red flags
  • Tracking changes in behavior among existing and new employees in terms of overall hiring as well as wage inflation