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Using Personalization-At-Scale To Drive Customer Engagement and Revenue

In today’s competitive landscape, delivering personalized experiences is critical for capturing and retaining customers. Top FinTechs are delivering these personalized experiences through personalization-at-scale strategies – and in our recent webinar sponsored by VentureBeat, we show how. Watch on-demand to hear how Chime and Tricolor Auto Group are using AI-enabled platforms and data sources to connect with customers and deliver the products and services their customers need and want. These personalized experiences are not only delighting customers, they’re the key to boosting customer engagement and revenue.

Watch on-demand to discover:

  • How FinTechs are using personalization at scale to gain a competitive advantage
  • How advanced analytics and transactional data can deliver valuable insights
  • Ways to identify customer acquisition, cross-selling, and upselling opportunities
  • How to create personalized experiences that are relevant and emotionally “sticky”