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On-Demand Webinar: Open Banking in the U.S.: A Catalyst for Innovation

The open banking global trend is changing the way financial data is accessed and shared. In the absence of prescriptive open banking mandates in the U.S., policy makers, regulators, and the industry are working together to create secure data-sharing systems that benefit consumers and protect all stakeholders, from the banks to the FinTechs that provide data-powered solutions.

Join our webinar to discuss the transition to open banking in the U.S. and the path ahead. Learn more about consumer-first financial data-sharing principles like direct user consent and how to work these into your user experience. And get a close look at tools and practices to position your firm for success as open banking takes off.

Register for our webinar to discuss:

  • The latest open banking developments in the U.S.

  • Adding direct consent to your data sharing user experience

  • How to prepare for new requirements and opportunities

  • Using Envestnet | Yodlee FastLink to access new opening API connections easily and securely

  • How to assess your technology for open banking-readiness