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On-Demand Webinar: Strategically Identify Market Trends with Data Analytics Tools

Investment management firms are in a constant search for data analytics and intelligent analytics tools tailored to give them a competitive advantage in the markets. These analytics and tools need to be relevant and timely as well as integrate quickly and efficiently with the entire investment management process. With strategic tools that leverage timely and accurate consumer spending trends data, firms can identify market trends early, make informed decisions on where to invest, act on new opportunities, and outsmart the competition. Watch our on-webinar to get a closer look at data-driven tools built for investment managers and learn more about key use cases for the data analytics available. 

Watch the on-webinar to:

  • Learn how data analytics can be used to understand competitive intelligence, and market trends based on near real-time consumer spending.
  • Get a preview of the dashboard solution designed exclusively for portfolio managers and equity research analysts
  • Compare metrics and forecast growth for tickers of interest
  • Learn about the extensive coverage and industry-leading payroll trends
  • Understand how to incorporate the insights from the data into the investment management process