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The Opportunities and Challenges of Open Banking in Wealth Management

While open banking provides wealth management and wealth tech firms with significant opportunities to deliver more personalized and prescriptive offerings, it also presents new challenges around data security, privacy, regulatory compliance, and market competition. Watch on-demand as we discuss how firms can more successfully navigate these challenges and prepare for emerging open banking regulations. We highlight how the right infrastructure can help create a competitive advantage with enhanced data-driven functionality, improved customer experiences, and increased customer loyalty.

Watch our on-demand webinar to prepare for open banking:

  • Get tips to comply with evolving US open banking regulations and Rule 1033
  • Discover innovative use cases fueled by a wider array of data
  • See how open banking can improve financial analysis and personalization
  • Explore how APIs and data portability optimize the user experience
  • See how open banking streamlines account verification and onboarding