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On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking The Value of AI with Connected Data

The world is ablaze with fervor for artificial intelligence, as large language models are proving their value across an ever-expanding set of use cases across banking, tech, and more. These giant models are powered by training data, which is often called a force multiplier for AI because of its significant impact on performance and capabilities.

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how quality, well-connected data enables higher accuracy, mitigates bias, expands capabilities, and facilitates scaling and deployment of AI models. Connected data provides the foundation upon which AI models learn, adapt, and grow – and we’ll show you which techniques and practices improve the data that AI requires to deliver valuable predictions and meaningful insights for your customers and your business.

Watch on-demand to discover:

  • How connected data boosts performance of AI and extend capabilities
  • How high-quality data enables more reliable predictions
  • Techniques that contribute to improved data quality
  • Why the best training data starts with normalization and enrichment
  • How data aggregation enhances and unlocks the value of data

Watch to see how connected data enables AI to deliver valuable insights, make more reliable predictions, and provide a solid foundation for innovation.