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On-Demand Webinar: How Advanced Data Analytics Tools are Powering Strategic Investing and Business Decisions

To gain an edge in investing and business decision-making, leading investment managers and market strategists are turning to data analysis tools. These next-gen tools rely on business insights and predictive capabilities to efficiently provide an early view of market trends, consumer spending, behavior and more. This advanced view drives opportunity and growth, as alternative data analytics is transformed into unique, forward-looking insights that empower action.

In our on-demand webinar, we discuss Forrester research that shows how investment firms, banks, and businesses are putting data analysis tools to work for unprecedented results. We also talk about the alternative data being used by data analytics tools to enable a clearer understanding of corporate landscapes, provide a pulse on consumer spending, and empower advanced services and experiences for clients. 

Watch our on-demand webinar and hear our presenters discuss:

  • Forrester research that shows how advanced data analysis drives better insights and experiences
  • Ways top firms are using next-gen analytics to act on early market trends
  • How extra intelligence helps portfolio managers handle downside risk
  • How one top investing firm leverages data analytics to help clients make sound investing decisions
  • Ways to uncover brand affinity and competitive insights
  • Ready-to-use data analytics tools for deriving deep insights