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On-Demand Webinar: How to Get Access to More Holistic and Timely Lending Data with Credit Accelerator

Economic uncertainties have reduced effectiveness of traditional credit scoring. Yet all too often, lenders are working with incomplete or latent data and credit scores based on past credit behavior. It’s critical for lenders to have a more complete and up-to-date view of potential borrowers’ financial situations and credit worthiness.

Fortunately, there’s an efficient way to get a fuller and more accurate picture. Watch our on-demand webinar to see how Credit Accelerator can quickly retrieve applicant-permissioned cashflow, asset, and bank data from multiple sources and compile it into a detailed file to enable better financial outcomes for borrowers and lenders alike.

Watch on-demand to see how to:

  • Get a more complete picture of consumers’ current financial positions and ability to pay
  • Quickly pinpoint key credit risk and lifestyle factors
  • Speed-up data retrieval and analysis processes without compromising results
  • Approve more credit applications without increasing risk