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On-Demand Webinar: Investing in the UK's Financial Wellbeing: 5 Agents for Change

Financial wellness seems like an impossible dream for many in the UK.

With 11.5 million people having less than £100 or no savings at all, 9 million using credit to pay bills, 5 million children not receiving a meaningful financial education, and 22 million unsure how to plan for retirement, becoming financially well is no small task.

In an effort to increase financial wellness, the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) recently launched the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing.

Watch our on-demand webinar and hear our expert panel discuss this bold new strategy, learn how other FinTechs are promoting successful money management, and discover innovative ways to make financial wellness happen.

Get tools and tips for promoting financial wellness in 5 key areas:

• Financial Foundations: Deliver effective and meaningful financial education

• Nation of Savers: Make it easy for people to develop a savings habit

• Credit Counts: Increase access to affordable credit plus better tools for managing it

• Better Debt Advice: Deliver high-quality debt advice when it’s needed

• Future Focus: Empower consumers to make informed decisions for their future